I am the follower Hazrat Gulam Fatima ® who get Sultan-ul-Faqar place/stage from Hazrat Sultan bahu ® as Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® says in his books Peer or Murshdi can take his Mureed in his place with one eye look if he want. there are only seven major sultan-ul-faqar as per Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® “Rasala Rohi Sharif” Book, five came and two will come these seven are duty owned and many other are un known same as Hazrat Gulam Fatima ® as if you read Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® books Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® says and write God massage to our prophet (pb) God Allah says ”I have given Sultan-ul-Faqar to you to your family and to your specials” so it prove that Sultan-ul-Faqar place/stage can get other than seven duty owned Sultan-ul-Faqar

Hazrat Gulam Fatima ® is Mureed and follower of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® and Hazrat Gulam Fatima ® Mazzar is in district Sheikhpura Pakistan

Yours truly,
Sagi Miran (r)
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